Ever wonder about Diet and ADHD?

If so, please join us for our next parent support group meeting where we welcome   

 Sarah Stimpson RDN, CDN

Sarah will present & discuss several topics related to food & ADHD including….

How food/diet choices effect symptoms of ADHD

Questions about fish oil/Omega 3s and supplements

The side effects of medication & suppressing appetite

   Providing nutritous high calorie/protein rich snacks, food ideas &  recipes.

 When: May 21st at 7:00pm

(informational session followed by time for the parent support group.)

Where: WNY Pediatrics 5800 Big Tree Rd Orchard Park

RSVP: Sue Creighton, RDT, MA

(our facilitator whom is the parent of a child with ADHD)

(716) 432-8698 or [email protected]

*feel free to reach out and via email,phone or text with any questions*