March 17, 2020
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Please be patient with our phones at this time.
In this current state of emergency, we are trying hard to take all your phone calls as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you have a concern about your child who currently has a cough, nasal congestion and a fever, please leave a message for our nurses to call you back. If you are expecting a call back please be patient but also stay by your phone (phone tag is also adding to our large call volume).
If you are able to log on to your child’s patient portal, it may be faster for you to ask your question directly to your Primary Care Provider in that way. If this is more of an emergent matter with your child experiencing any respiratory distress, please hang up and call 9-1-1 now. Please note that the patient portal is checked during office hours only. If the office is closed, your message may not be addressed until the following business day