New Pediatric Patients

Western New York Pediatrics welcomes new patients. Whether you have a newborn or an older child, choosing the right pediatrician is one of the most important decisions you will make. By selecting Western New York Pediatrics, you can feel confident and comfortable that you have made the right decision.  Please call us at 716-662-7337 if you would like to schedule a prenatal or post natal appointment.  We offer group prenatal appointments on the second Saturday of the month.

To understand what to expect for your child's first visit to our practice, please read through this page.

WNY Pediatrics : Mission - Vision - Values

  • Mission - To provide expert care for the physical, mental and devemental health of our patients
  • Vision - WNY Pediatrics will practice in the spirit of the Patient Centered Medical Home; the needs of our patients will always come first
  • Values - Accessible, evidence based care, kindness, collaboration, compassion, patience and respect

Through our mission, vision and values, our practice is working together to build life-long relationships between our staff and our patients.

What to bring to your first visit?

We work hard to ensure that your child receives prompt medical care in a comfortable, child-friendly office setting. To help expedite the first appointment, we ask that you please bring your child's immunization records and be prepared to complete paperwork regarding your family medical history, your child's medical history, and insurance information.  New patient forms are available under the forms tab for your convenience.

What to Expect

On the day of your child's first visit to our office, we recommend arriving a few minutes early. This allows extra time for finishing up any registration forms and ensures you have plenty of time to get acquainted with our staff and office. We look forward to meeting you and joining with you to help your child maintain optimal health.

Symptom Checker

Is your child ill?  Symptom checker can help. Click below for more information.


WNY Pediatrics Vaccine Policy

The pediatricians, pediatric nurse practitioners, nurses and medical assistants at WNY Pediatrics support the NYS and American Academy of Pediatrics recommended vaccine schedule for infants, children and adolescents.

We recognize the confusion and questions some parents may have about vaccines.  The very success of the vaccine program contributes to some of the questions; we do not see many of the childhood diseases we once saw because vaccines are so effective.  This may lead parents to have a false sense of security that their child is not at risk.  But the diseases still exist and can infect a child who is not vaccinated.

There is also a large amount of misinformation in the press and on the internet about vaccines.  There is no control over what is printed or placed on an individual's blog or Facebook.  Because information is not in print does not make it true.

What is true is the years of scientific research that has gone into vaccine research.  Vaccines are safe and necessary. If a child is not vaccinated they can put other infants and children at risk.  There is an obligation parents of unvaccinated children have to the other children in the community, including our office and waiting room. If you plan to refuse all vaccines for your child we recommend you seek another pediatric practice that holds similar views.  We will continue to work with families who follow alternative vaccine schedules. Vaccines are safe, effective and save lives. We will answer any questions you have about vaccines.  We appreciate this is an important decision parents are making for their child and will offer guidance and support.